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Park Central Apartments is across the street from Crown Beach Park.  Walk across the street and you are in the park with Softball, Basket  Ball, Tennis and a short stroll to Crown Beach. The TransBay bus to San Francisco stops in front.   These apartment homes have no blown on ceilings, and feature lathe and plaster walls. Each apartment with a solid paneled front door with a bronze lions-head door knocker...

One of our brick entryways bordered by white flowers.

The beginning of Crown Beach Park, directly across the street.

The street-front across from the park.

Our interior courtyards are inside. Your back door opens onto one of them. Private, secluded.

Come see us at Eighth & Central
Contact us to arrange an appointment to see an apartment parkcentral@WeRent.com 
phone (510) 865-9494  fax (510) 865-0972

Directions: Straight down Eighth St. to Central.

 Ferry facts:
  It is fun: On the water with spectacular views
  It is fast: The quickest way to get to SF
  It is cheap: You save over BART or the Bus
  It is reliable: It has a great record
  It goes other places: Angel Island, Oakland, Marin  

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